RHB Bank Ready to Rule the South East Asia Financial Market

RHB Bank Prepared to Reign over the Local and Foreign Financial Markets

To this point, RHB Bank is amongst the main competitors in Malaysian finance and banking niche. Desiring to grow the horizon within SEA, they’ve already laid their foundation in countries which include Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, and Singapore. In ensuring that the business is scalable, RHB introduced a whole range of banking facilities to business organizations and individuals for both personal and commercial needs.

Creating a savings account or even perhaps a current account happens to be staple yet underrated. In order to ensure account holders may gain advantage the most from their savings, RHB Bank has offered competitive interest rate as opposed to the other banking institutions. Plus, they’ve improved the transaction facilities by both adding more ATM and CDM machines in branches and various designated locations and creating a web based banking services platform, RHB Now for their customers.

RHB Bank understands that more people tend to make purchases online in comparison to using cash nowadays. With regards to the data collected, it is observed that more online users opt to make purchases by making use of credit cards. Subsequently, the Bank causes it to become important to serve the consumers better by giving credit card services with impressive rewards. Smart customers who compare credit cards carefully would know that RHB’s interest rate is amongst the lowest.

This is when unique offering comes into the picture, as various sorts of advantages are provided to RHB Bank credit card holders, that include cashback reward and lots of other value-added rewards which offers higher return as the card holder use the card more.

Shifting the target to corporate customers, RHB Bank is in addition offering corporate banking solutions to entrepreneurs and organizations. These target customers are welcomed to apply for loans as well as subscribe to the other products and services, including asset management and cash management services.

RHB Bank

There does exist one special category of customers that might reap out the most advantages from this: the SMEs. The products offered by RHB Bank might most likely make it possible for them to gain more capital to better develop their business through making loan application. Additionally, SMEs in the e-commerce industry also can sign up for RHB’s reliable retail solutions.

Notwithstanding, the bank hasn’t lost attention on Syariah-compliant financial instruments. This really is primarily due to increased demand by the customer in Malaysia. Keeping that in mind, banking facilities that follow the minimum Syariah requirement such as Islamic treasury, Islamic corporate banking, unit trust, and wealth management services are increasingly being put forward.

The Bank’s annual brand value grew at the rate of 24% in 2016, and so this indicates that they are in the top 5 league in Malaysia. For the exact purpose to continue to keep the comparable growth rate over the next several years, RHB Bank is without question deploying a significantly more aggresive campaigns and tactics for the consumers.

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