Illegal Cigarettes Consumption Is Getting Out Of Hand

illicit cigarettes

Illegal cigarettes are taking over the cigarette exchange Malaysia. Almost 60 per cent sold today are illicit.

Higher Taxes On Cigarettes Equal To Higher Cigarettes Smuggling

Malaysia’s efforts to reduce smoking by increasing excise taxes on cigarettes failed. Instead of reducing their habits, smokers looked to illegal cigarettes and created a boom. We are now the earth’s largest consumers of illegal cigarettes, buying 1,000 packs a minute.

Studies have shown by Oxford Economics on tobacco found out that the illicit cigarette trade cost Malaysia almost RM4.8 billion in excise duties last year. Another study said Malaysia is amongst the largest consumer of illegal cigarettes in the world, having more than 12 billion sticks sold a year ago. Oxford Economics estimated that 58.9 per-cent of all cigarettes purchased from Malaysia were illegal.

Law Enforcement To Discourage Smuggling

law reinforcement

Billions in lost revenue is an issue and also the media happens to be reporting many raids by law enforcement organizations to discourage smuggling attempts at border checkpoints. The Customs department confiscated contraband cigarettes worth RM1 billion. The illegal cigarette trade is quite profitable to crime syndicates.

However, these attempts are merely a scratch appears to. What required is definitely an all-out war to eliminate illicit tobacco trade. Oxford Economics reported that smuggling syndicates are undermining the rule of law and regulations in Malaysia in addition to spreading corruption through bribery. This may lessen the country’s interest in global investors.

A Lucrative Income For Contraband and Terrorism

Investors will hesitate to reports that 80 % of security and law enforcement personnel at Malaysia’s borders are corrupt. Proceeds from the lucrative sales of contraband cigarettes are viewed as helpful to fund more smuggling activities and other different types of criminal activities.

The illicit cigarette trade is currently regarded as linked to terrorism in the process. Crime prevention groups additionally, the Home Ministry have right now seen connections concerning the growing illicit cigarette business and terrorist organisations. Many of them have arranged base in Malaysia to enhance funds regarding their activities.

Law Enforcement Corrupted

Bribery is a kind of and relatively cheap means for smugglers to build past with border controls, as compared to the huge returns they can make. However, when bribery fails, these criminal syndicates are bold enough to make use of threats and intimidation against border officers to find their cooperation.

Cigarette smuggling has worsened in the last 10 years especially because present laws impose weak penalties on offenders. Poor border controls, low arrest rates also impair efforts to curb this. Malaysia’s high tobacco taxes create a disparity in pricing between neighbouring countries. This problem can only be addressed at the source. Crime syndicates must be tackled more seriously.

To Conclude

Laws have to be amended show them harsher punishment and penalties for just anyone included in the smuggling activity, from the smugglers to individual operators selling these cigarettes. Huge fine and in some cases jail term will likely serve as an effective deterrent to every single culprit in the logistics.

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