Financial Checklist: College Edition

credit card
credit card

Attending college may be a difficult leap from high school and is definitely another big milestone in your life. More responsibilities are being placed within your realms; which means things may get slightly harder and may not be as  smooth-sailing of a journey as you wish for it to be.

Don’t sweat it- if you continuously follow a plan, you will be on the right track.

Discuss with your parents!

Tell them about your plans for college, enlighten them on the budget you are allocating for college; and always keep them up to date. They may be able to provide you with encouragement, love and support along the way (and even money or credit card during desperate times!)

Follow a strict budget

Isn’t it always better to prepare beforehand before things get in your way? You will be packed with differing costs throughout your entire year; some may leave you in debt, but some may even be a tipping point for you! Following a strict budget may result in preventing any mishaps at any costs- spend wisely!

Apply for financial aids or/and scholarships!

This would take a huge burden out of your chest. Colleges are way too expensive- the only method for making it more affordable are financial aids! It depends on your qualifications but it never hurts to try.

Leave unnecessary things out of the loop.

Cars, Televisions, Furnitures are secondary – you certainly wouldn’t need additional things in your room as you won’t be there for long! Time passes in a glimpse of an eye, by the time you blink your eyes, it’s time to pack up! Minimize your packing time in the future by looking at the bigger picture.

Save money

Take up a part-time job or a paid internship opportunity during summer! Earning a little by little goes a long way. Instead of just lazing around in your bikinis, taking up a job would be much more rewarding in the long-run- feel free to have a good mix of both to get the best of both worlds!

College loans

If you think deeply into this matter, taking up money for a good college experience may in return provide more benefits in the future- such as a good job that you enjoy which will in result in the advancement of your wellbeing.

From all the options you have, if you choose college loans; ensure that you choose the bank with the lowest interest rates. Banks like RHB bank via URL provides college loans with a reasonable interest rate!


To start off with, college already feels like a burden. Remove as much burden off your chest while you have the opportunity to do so!

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