Essentials for the Digital Nomad

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More and more people are opting to live the digital nomad lifestyle. Working remotely through electronic devices, being a digital nomad offers many people a career that is not tied to a single location as well as financial flexibility. 

For freelancers and nomads, staying connected relies heavily on accessible wireless internet and data roaming. These are clear necessities, but what are the other essentials that a digital nomad would need?

Comfortable clothing

Living on your feet and being always on the move should push you to prioritise comfort when choosing garments. Clothes that are lightweight, versatile and don’t require much maintenance are some of the best things you can carry in your bag. They keep you comfortable on most occasions, won’t take too much space and can be thrown in a washing machine easily. Keep a lookout for fabrics such as cotton and linen for warmer days, while a jumper or a good jacket will be super cosy during cold nights and seasons.

Important documents

When living or travelling abroad, it’s crucial to have all your documents ready and near you. When you bump into authorities or require any assistance, documents with photo identification need to be presented to ease the process. Therefore, it is good to carry them with you wherever you go. 

Other relevant documents to keep in mind include insurance documents and medical reports and letters from doctors. A tip many nomads find helpful is to keep a soft copy of these documents in your email or smartphone for easy access and convenience. 

Tech gear

You’ve decided to build a career that enables you to be anywhere you want, but dictates that you’re constantly connected. Wireless networks are pretty much available everywhere nowadays, so keep some accessories to complement your working and living experience as a digital nomad. 

Invest in a power bank so your phone or tablet doesn’t run out of battery power when you’re on the go. A good pair of headphones or earphones would go a long way in your life and career when you’re away from home. Fast-charging cables won’t take too much space in your carry-all but will help you remain productive and more importantly, connected. 

Staying connected is a big necessity for many of us. When you’re far away from home, wireless internet eases and enhances the life quality of digital nomads! Learn more about how you can remain online through data roaming here

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