Digi Malaysia: Phone Prepaid Plan & Much more

Buy Smartphone, Buy Prepaid & Even more with Digi

The internet of things has been the driver of today’s economy. Now, the progress of telecommunications made the entire world a practically smaller place. Because of this, you may need a reliable network provider who is able to deliver up to your needs. Nevertheless the question for you is, who will be a great provider you can actually have confidence in?

Since its inception in 1995, Digi has developed into a great competitor to Celcom and Maxis on the fact that they always tend to be the number one brand to keep introducing internet packages and mobile phone plans with greater value at cheaper price. So, let’s take an overall look into what Digi has up their sleeves presently.

Just about the most typical plan you can purchase will be the prepaid plan. Without a doubt, Digi offers the best prepaid plan in Malaysia mainly because it provides you with great value at an affordable price. You can just buy Digi’s prepaid SIM card while in the airport or convenient stores similar to 7 Eleven and get smooth mobile internet experience.


However, some who prefers a stable commitment can select to subscribe Digi’s postpaid plan. As users can request to switch network easily, he or she can choose a wide variety of plans, including the RM50 pack that gives 10GB of internet data, or maybe the Digi Postpaid Family pack that practically offers unlimited internet data.

Nevertheless the perfect plan can only be enjoyed when your have an impressive phone to choose. With Digi, you can even decide to buy smartphones much like the iPhone 8 for a low price. It’s also possible to select the Easy Payment Plan to go with your plan for actually zero deposit, but this varies according to your eligibility.

For Android lovers, don’t frown. Digi has also various Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and many more models from Vivo and Huawei from which to choose. What’s more, every one of the smartphone costs are much less expensive as compared to the market price, and all you may need in exchange would be to buy their postpaid plan.

Sometimes, we might have a relatively different kind of need that broadband is way more relevant. Don’t be concerned, in regards to Digi, we have a a number of broadband internet plan to choose between which are suitable for you. If you’d prefer online streaming, go for Digi’s Broadband 100 plan which offers 100GB of web data.

This doesn’t end there. As a number of people likewise has the need to contact other folks overseas equally for personal & commercial purposes, they might save the most with Digi simply because this brand supplies free international calling or IDD according to plan. For travelers, they might enjoy the lower price roaming.

To sum it up, a smart consumer will know know very well what works best for them. Having said that, Digi will not be gaining popularity over Maxis and Celcom if not for the magnificent deals they have got for the consumers. We hope this time, we’ll convince you to ultimately consider Digi as the preferred mobile phone network provider.

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