Coworking Space: Who Need An Office?

coworking space common ground

In an era where almost every one of us wants to start our own business, we have just enough capital to start a business, and not enough capital to set up the operating base of a business, reflecting today’s economic weakness. So, in line with current trends, coworking space is increasingly becoming a famous debate among every business owner in Malaysia.

According to Harvard Business Review, a co-workplace is a place where multiple working groups of full-time, professional, work- time workers are freely or better known as ‘freelancers‘ working together in a communal environment.

coworking space common ground

This trend is getting more attention from various countries, including Malaysia. One of the country’s common working areas is the Common Ground, CO3 Social Office, Alt Space KL, and many more. Hence, we should all know why a shared work space is a must-have and is a good investment opportunity nowadays? Here are some of the reasons why.

Office facilities are provided

The facilities at the office are very important in assisting your daily work. In the shared workspace, you do not have to worry about this because various service facilities are provided a no extra charge. Co-workspace provides office facilities and maintenance teams if you need any help during your stay.

For example, they can provide the best printers and scanners as well as high-speed Wi-Fi that available to enable you to work efficiently. A variety of meeting room options are also available to make sure your meetings with clients and group discussions can be held without interruption. Even sleeping pods are also available here for you who are tired of finding an idea in paying off your assignment.

Most common workspace areas such as Common Ground will be able to ease your burden, as you do not have to worry about maintaining your office. Everything is available to make your business easier.

Opportunities to collaborate with other companies

As it to the name of the shared workspace, you are sure to expect all work activities to be carried along in the same roof as the other business owners and their employees.

So this is the best time to trade your business cards to further expand your business opportunities in the future. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to meet companies that have the same business objectives and thus create a business partnership.

Not only that, the concept of shared workspace can also provide you with space for events, information sharing sessions and more. It is capable of opening more opportunities to business owners. It’s been proven because we’ve tried it and you should!

Improve your business reputation

Usually, we are always outside the office to meet with our customers. However, there are also times when customers prefer to come to your office, but you do not have a fixed office, at which point this coworking space is good.

Most of these types of workspace are located within the reachable area. Common Ground is a good example, it is located in the center of Bukit Bintang close to various popular commercial areas like KLCC and Pavilion which is easy to access.

If a client or customer wants to visit your office, the area surrounding has various public amenities like parking, public transports and easy-to-find places. Furthermore, is it not exciting to tell your customers, friends and family that your office is one of the most powerful offices in Southeast Asia?

Give It A Try

Hopefully this article is able to explain the privilege of why you should take this opportunity to try and work in the coworking space. As we believed, workers who come from different backgrounds are also able to reinforce their identity by constantly explaining their own respective business objectives.

Sharing of work space is able to create a positive working environment and thereby can improve the quality of work of employees. Hence, conducive environment for work is a key milestone in measuring the success of an organisation.

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