3 reasons why autism occurs

autism link autism malaysia

Autism is a complex development problem. It involves the social interactions of a child being disturbed due to communication skill problems, repetitive improper behaviours, self isolation and a limited desire for something.

Almost 47,000 children in Malaysia have autism disorders, or are more commonly known as autistic children, but fail to be diagnosed quickly because parents do not know the characteristics of autism. In fact, many people in Malaysia do not know clearly what autism is and what causes them.

Today, we will bring to you what autism is, what causes autism and what you can do to avoid it. As one of the neurological developments, autism can affect anyone. No one knows the real cause of autism but the source and risk factors that may have been determined by researchers.

autism link autism malaysia


Autism disease has a tendency to be inherited within the family and it may be something inherited from parents to children.

For example, if a parent has an autism, his or her child may have an autism as well. If a child is diagnosed with autism, it is possible for his / her siblings to have the same condition.

Autism triggers from environmental factors

Environmental trigger may also result in the development of autism. For example, there is a problem during pregnancy, exposure to plastic bottles and medicines taken at that time can also play a role.

Another example, viral infections, exposure to air pollution or prescribed medicines such as thalidomide and valproic acid can increase the risk among children.

Autism triggers from other biological problems

There are certain health conditions that can be associated with autism, including:

  • Down Syndrome: Genetic disorders that cause delay in development, abilities to learn and abnormal physical features such as reduced muscle tone, nasal noses, small mouth, and short arms
  • Muscular dystrophy: A group of genetic conditions that can result in progressive muscle weakness and loss of muscle mass. In this situation, abnormal genetics interfere with protein production, resulting in muscle health problems
  • Cerebrum palsi: Chronic diseases affecting the brain and nervous system, causing difficulty in moving and coordination
  • Childhood Spasma: A type of epilepsy (the condition in which the brain causes repeated seizures) Metabolic problems Problems with the immune system


Although autism has no known cause, risk factors and possible factors such as genetic problems and environmental problems can play an important role. Parent play the main role in monitoring your child health, condition and changes. If you notice there is change on developmental health in your kid, please immediately go to nearest autism center Malaysia to get they checked.

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